Handmade Bali Lanterns

My friend Chuck came by last week and we took the time to assemble our hand painted Bali Lantern.  This is a technique that we learned from the very talented Lisa Engelbrecht.  It's hard to believe she's no longer with us, but believe me, she was with the both of us in spirit last week.  Her DVD entitled Hand Lettering on Fabric; A Bali Lantern Workshop.  It's a great video.  Her enthusiasm and charm is such a warm and welcoming invitation to this project.

We started by painting our muslin fabric.  The size of the lantern is up to your own imagination, but I created mine 8.5 X 11 size, the same as the video instruction.  Because I messed up on one of my panels, my lantern is three sided.  I'll make more of these and post up. The next one will definitely be four sided!

My panel pieces don't have any embellishments.  Lisa's lanterns are full of gorgeous detailing and embellishing with ephemera, doo-dads and hand stitching.  Using gel pens, gold powder, metallic foils and more.  She even cuts windows out of her muslin panels for light to shine through.  I'll play with those things on my next go around!

bali lantern three.JPG

Making the tassels is great fun and so easy.  Give me a holler if you have any questions on this project.  It's definitely worth the time and effort!