Pocket Journal

The first of many to come!  This is approximately 5.5 x 5.0.  Small.  I'm not accustomed to working so tiny, but this is fun.  The covers are painted and stenciled canvas, hand painted sticks were used for the spine and side closure with elastic.  Sari ribbons for embellishment.  The credit goes to Rae Massigiman who created this great online class.  I'm a fan.  My next pieces will have the same flavor, but a bit larger in size.  Perhaps serve as a small "watercolor journal" with watercolor paper, arches text wove and other mixed media papers to create on.

Recycling Papers

In my studio, underneath all my inky projects are large sheets of kraft paper to cover my work surface and allow for some cushion.  Over time, these sheets become quite filled with all kinds of marks, smears, overflow and more.  I like to save these sheets and reuse in my art projects, this being one of them...


file folder kraft paper pamphlet journal front .JPG

This under-paper has become the cover for a trifold pamphlet booklet I'm fond of making.  This one, with a twist...


With an elastic closure and inside sewn signature.


I enjoy recycling papers, always a new and different look when it's cut, sewn or otherwise.