Pocket Journal

The first of many to come!  This is approximately 5.5 x 5.0.  Small.  I'm not accustomed to working so tiny, but this is fun.  The covers are painted and stenciled canvas, hand painted sticks were used for the spine and side closure with elastic.  Sari ribbons for embellishment.  The credit goes to Rae Massigiman who created this great online class.  I'm a fan.  My next pieces will have the same flavor, but a bit larger in size.  Perhaps serve as a small "watercolor journal" with watercolor paper, arches text wove and other mixed media papers to create on.

pamphlet books

I love these little booklets and notebooks for several reasons.  Everyone needs a small notebook to tuck into their purse or bag, keep in the console in the car, by the bed stand or anywhere we need to jot a quick note, reminder or message.


The really great thing about them is that they were all created with scrap papers from previous projects.  Wondering what to do with all those gelli plate prints?  This is a great way to upcycle them.

pamphlet booklet; suminagashi covers

pamphlet booklet; suminagashi covers


My favorite reason why I love this structure is because the booklets are actually two signatures sewn as one.  Clipping the two signatures together, an awl will create the three holes in both signatures at the same time.  No needle necessary.  Thread the holes using wax linen, tie in the center and it's done! 


These little gems make are also great for gift giving or using instead of a greeting card. I'll share the detailed instructions soon.